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Sunday Mornings: Philadelphia Art Museum

"As we go upstairs, we're going to look for the color red.  Who can already find something that is the color red?"

A few toddlers in our group point to things on the Family Activities Cart next to us; several more point to museum teacher Liza's red sweater.  No matter what, she's got their attention, even before we arrive in the European art gallery on the second floor.  There, carpet-squares are set out before a 15th century Flemish tapestry fragment showing "an allegory of Hope".  We're about to hear Liza read Caps for Sale and then do an art project. The toddlers find their squares, and the parents (and all of our gear) carefully line the periphery. It's Sunday morning at the Philadelphia Museum of Art - "pay what you wish" day, and family programs are free.

The reading has them all entranced - "Monkeys!" one boy shouts.  My daughter and [...]More

The Wheels on the Car Go 'Round and 'Round

Like most every other person in the Northern Hemisphere, come January and February, I dream of travel. Preferably to some place with some warm weather, [...]More

Five February Possibilities

As the last of the winter months approaches, I find myself making lists of places we could go to shake the blahs without hitting the [...]More


Visiting Athens with a child has serious ups and downs.  On the plus side, Greeks love children (I hate to generalize, but after 2 years [...]More

Winter's Ocean Breeze

 We've done this year after year - picked a weekend in January or February and gone to the beach.  It's very quiet [...]More


I'm not familiar with leeches in other settings, but after years of rainforest treks in Malaysia and Indonesia, I can give you a few tips [...]More

How We Roll

A 3-hour in-car time limit is, for us, only part of the driving ritual on long trips. (After 3 hours, we have to stop and run [...]More

Interactive Family Activity Map of Great Britain

We love good maps.  Whether topographical, city, hiking, historical, nautical chart, or hand-drawn by a local on the back of an envelope, the best [...]More

The National Mall

Taking a toddler to DC is a challenge - the crowds can be maddening, and many of the displays are too high for them to [...]More

Casa Grande

The ice and cold and dark right now are getting to me, so I thought I'd write about a good trip I took with the [...]More

Pandas at the National Zoo

Washington DC's National Zoo is free, though parking can be both expensive and frustrating. When we visited, several [...]More

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