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An Ode to my (former) stroller

That first black Maclaren umbrella stroller still gets us all misty-eyed when we think of how well it traveled.

The seat fully reclined - none of the click-strap stuff from later models - and the hood extended way out. Diaper changes - not a problem; it was the perfect place for a pit-stop. Naps in the afternoon? We were free to keep wandering, without disturbing her. Rain? No worries. The clear plastic hood kept her dry while we (sometimes) got soaked. She thought that was hilarious.
Orewa Beach, New Zealand

It opened fast, and folded up with one hand (after reading the manual a couple of times) - so small that we could leave it with the folks at a gate and have it waiting for us the next gate - huzzah.

We test flew with it to Cleveland in 2005, then a month later, packed it with us to [...]More

Barnes Foundation Eye-Spy

It was just 10 minutes. For the rest of the morning, one of us played outside with her, while the other took a close friend through [...]More

Flying to New Zealand on (mostly) Airline Miles: 34 hours

Counting three flights within the US and one international layover in Fiji. The attendants on Singapore Air were amazingly nice, and we had seats [...]More

Linvilla Orchards - Apple picking

We wanted to visit one of the local organic farms, but it was Sunday, and most were closed. Instead, we struck out for Media, PA [...]More

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