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One for the Money...

We have a big trip in our future - to Ireland - and to get ready for it, we're using a lot of web tools.

TravelZoo - I subscribed to their weekly email and we found our trip inspiration in its regularly updated links.  The actual trip deal came from a sharp-eyed someone in my husband's office.  But TravelZoo pointed us in that direction.

iTunes - we made a playlist (actually two - one for the adults, which includes songs by the Pogues and Black 47, and one for the kidlet, which doesn't) of tunes we like by Irish musicians. We play it often, when we're cooking, driving, and sitting around - a lot of the tracks are traditional and some are in Gaelic.  Music is a great way to get into the culture before you go, and our daughter loves to dance around the kitchen to it.  Laura Bond Williams' guestpost over at Family Travel (hi Sheila!) about taking her daughters to China was our inspiration.


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Made in the Shade, part 1

Which sounds better to you?

  • 1 adult, hauling 13 pounds of towels, chairs, umbrellas, beach bags, shovels, buckets, kites, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, juice,

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