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To the Lighthouse, To the Village

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Bad weather at the beach is like sand in your swimsuit.  You can't do much to keep it from happening.

So when it does, or threatens to, have a good list of things to do on hand.  There are gems just a short drive away no matter where you are, and not all of them will appear on your hotel's 'things to do' guide.

They don't have to include the three M's of beach-cabin-fever-bingo either (Movie, Mall, Mini-golf).

Find the lighthouse - and climb it.  Count the stairs.  Cape May Lighthouse = 199 [...]More

Checking the fine print

We just received a packet of info for an upcoming trip (more on [...]More

A Man, A Plan, A Canal

We spent the Memorial Day holiday in Panama.  This is not a bad place to travel with kids.  Pretty much every migratory bird [...]More

Cape May Luxe, Motel Moderation

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The Accidental "Naturist" Hotel

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Visiting A Foreign Country Without Leaving Your Own

img_035.jpgWhile my husband is off [...]More

13 Ways of Looking at a Parade

  1. The setup - if you're driving in, free parking is usually only a good stroll away. Look

Zoo Season

"Now I look cool," she said as we left the zoo.  The cool factor was up because of the large foam bat mask she [...]More

A few notes on less being more

I'll get back to our ongoing love for the nation's zoos [...]More

The World's Greatest Travel Game

When I was a kid, my family used to drive 18 hours straight from our home in Maryland to our summer cabin in Hilton Beach, [...]More

Wedding Bells

I think that every Mother's Day since my son was born, he and I have traveled somewhere.  This year our family went to a [...]More

Postcards 05/08

So an interesting thing happened when a bunch of us got together to write postcards to our kids and to our moms for the mother's-day-postcard-all-in [...]More

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