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Neighborhood Festivals, Spring Edition

Spring means festivals in small towns and urban neighborhoods. They're worth a peek - especially the ones that support local artists, shops, and organizations. And the funny ones. And the ones that have bocce tournaments.

Last weekend's garden festival outside of Philadelphia required the closing of a very large street - and of course this was the first thing that got her attention - Walking In the Middle of the Street Without Getting Yelled at Is Cool!

After 12 minutes of walking up the middle of the street giggling the whole way at the outrageousness of it, she got her first dose of face painting ("The butterfly costs this many dollars," said the helpful face-painter lady, holding up five (5!!!) fingers), dog parades, and  moon-bounce madness. She and her father split some pizza and orange cicles (both the eating and the wearing of them), and then went out for a turn on the dance floor.

It was a good day. Random, expensive, and hot (we forgot the sunscreen), but very funny and good. With that, I give you video evidence that my husband might dance, if he thinks no one's [...]More

Recharging the Light Brigade

As much of a pain in the diaper-covered area as it is, I do not travel without my laptop.  Especially when I'm travelling with [...]More

Potty Training at 30,000 Feet

My daughter actually likes the airplane potty.  It's a chance to get out of her seat, walk down the aisle, smile at the


To Stroll or Not To Stroll

So yesterday morning, grandma & grandkid were at point A, and wanted to go to point B, four blocks away.  It was raining.& [...]More

Traveling With Two

[Editor's note - A huge welcome to new TWC poster, Stephanie I, who really, really knows how to fly with kids.]& [...]More

Us & Them

I took some time off to go to a poetry reading and gallery opening for the gobsmackingly good book artist [...]More

Toll-Road Cookies

[editor's note: Welcome new TWC poster Lisa P! - first up:  a checklist of sorts for long Midwest roadtrips [...]More

It's kinetic! (boogie woogie woogie)

It will be interesting, when she's writing her memoirs, to see if the giant pink poodle had the impact I'm afraid it did. [...]More

Great Kids' Fountains in Aachen

It was hot, and we were dressed in our civil-wedding best - the three of us, plus her Opa and Oma (grandma and grandpa) waiting [...]More

Toddler Bait

Once a year, our local volunteer Fire Department has an open house.  Our son is obsessed with fire trucks, so how could



I’ve driven past this place pretty much every day for years, and never knew it was there.  Funny


Membership = Priceless*

"Think we're coming back here again?"  That's one of the first things we ask each other when we visit a museum or park [...]More

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